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How To Fix Missing msvbvm50.dll File in
Windows Vista and 7

Have you installed any older 32-bit software on your Windows Vista or 7 64-bit machine lately, only to get the error message that you are missing a file named msvbvm50.dll? Didn't Microsoft promise backward compatibility with so-called legacy software written for the 32 bit operating system (OS)? Then why didn't they insure this file was included with the OS when it shipped? Why do they force their customers to go to their Web site to download an installer to install the file into their OS? With the multitude of tiring updates they send out practically every month, why couldn't they have included this file with one of those updates?

Well, these are all very good questions, but they'll do us no good. It's Microsoft's call as to how they deploy their OS software and how they update it. Nevertheless, since I encountered this problem a short time ago, I have decided to write this little tutorial for anyone else who may not know enough to go to Microsoft's Web site and search for this file to download and install it onto their computer.

It's really a pretty simple process, but beginner computer users (which includes a much larger number of computer users than you might think) usually don't have enough knowledge and expertise with using their computer yet to do things like this. That's why I'm writing this quick tutorial. So, here's what you must do.

Click on the following link to go directly to the place on Microsoft's Web site where you may download and install the fix for this frustrating problem:

Fix for missing msvbvm50.dll file in Vista/Win7.

If you're the cautious, untrusting type (and, let's face it, it pays to be that way nowadays!), you can use the following link to go to the download page first, where you can read all about the problem and the fix and then click on the download link on that page to accomplish the same thing. I'm just offering you a shortcut that goes straight to the download link and installs the applet onto your computer immediately. "Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200." ;-)

Read the article about this fix in Microsoft's Knowledge Base (the download link is included in this article; look for the hyperlinked file named msvbvm50.exe under the "More Information" heading).

Since I am not a certified Microsoft technician, nor am I a webmaster for any of their sites, if you experience any difficulty with either the download or the installation of this applet, please contact Microsoft's Help Desk directly for assistance. On the "Select a support topic" drop-down menu, choose "Other," and then click on the "Continue" button beneath it. Tell 'em Mike sent ya! :-)