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Try a Little Romance!

by Chaplain (CPT) Michael L. White
February 14th, may be the date we celebrate romantic love, but we don’t have to wait till once a year to show our affection for our spouse or our intended. Furthermore, showing romantic love is not limited to only one gender, whichever one you may suspect. There are a myriad of ways to demonstrate affection, and you are limited only by your imagination. However, some of us are more imaginative than others, so let me help out the less imaginative ones with a few tips.

How quickly romance is lost in the shuffle of everyday pressures of living! We’re always in such a hurry that we rarely stop to "smell the roses," and speaking of roses, the gift of flowers is every bit as special on January 31st, or September 25th, as on February 14th. In fact, a single, red rose is the symbol of romantic love. It’s actually MORE meaningful when it’s given on a NON-special occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Days are important flower-giving days, but don’t forget those happy UN-birthdays, too. So, mark that as tip number one: give a single, red rose on a NON-special occasion once in a while.

A quiet, candlelight dinner for two at home is always a nice touch. If you have kids, ask some trusted friends if they would keep them overnight sometime, and offer to return the favor for them. If you don’t have such friends, MAKE some. Keep the candlelight dinner a surprise, but make sure you investigate your spouse’s schedule and tentative plans in advance to prevent any unexpected, unannounced events like "Sorry I’m so late, Honey, but I had a mound of work to do." Meanwhile, the candles have burned to nubs and the baked chicken has hardened gravy spread all over it! Tip number two: plan for your loved one a surprise candlelight dinner once in a while.

Okay, in the interest of space, I’ll mention just one more tip. Write a long letter or a stirring poem describing in detail everything you love about your lover. Go on and on about your favorite features of hers/his. EVERYONE wants to feel attractive and appreciated, ESPECIALLY by his/her lover! So, uplift your dear one with words of affirmation OFTEN, and NEVER put-down your loved one. It drives a wedge between you and hinders your intimacy.

There are many more ideas I could share, but since I’m allowed only a small amount of space here, ask me about the others later. Better yet, enroll in our next Marriage Enrichment Training Seminar. I’m finalizing the details now and will publicize them as soon as possible. Rank, age, number of years married, whether a happy or troubled marriage, doesn’t matter. It’s a Marriage ENRICHMENT Seminar, not a Marriage Salvage Seminar. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Be sure to make this one of the most special yet. Actually, why not make EVERYDAY a special Valentine’s Day? Try a little romance! You might be surprised at the outcome. God bless!!