Accessible Puzzles and  Games  By: Katherine Schneider,, May 2007


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Downloadable games:

*Free downloadable adventure and board games

List of all kinds of accessible online games

Blind gamers' puzzle site,

*Talking crossword puzzle software (testing a beta version is free) available from American Printing House for the Blind,


Online games:

Play card, word and trivia games online

National Puzzlers League

Word games

World puzzle championship links,


Role-playing game

Ed Pegg Jr.'s math puzzles,

Jim Loy's puzzle page,

Enchanted mind brain teasers,


Audio Games including some word games, U.K. Audio Network with its games room including a great word game

*Word games for kids who are blind or visually impaired, American Foundation for the Blind,

Bill's Games, has word scrambles, brain teasers, available free.

Word lovers might like this site which includes lipograms which are a kind of word puzzle:

Math Games has all kinds of logic and word games; fairly accessible and all free

word definitions game:

*20 questions game against computer



Conundrum Braille puzzle magazine, available for purchase from Royal National Institute for the Blind or for U.S. residents free subscription from your regional NLS library

Magazine for blind gamers Audyssey Magazine



Will Shortz "The Puzzlemaster Presents" volumes one and two, available in Braille for purchase from National Braille Press,


* = Kid-friendly