Humor File #5

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My father used to tell a story of three college students out for a walk. They were, as is usual with freshmen, full of "vim, vigor, and vinegar!" On their walk they met an Orthodox Rabbi who was walking on the same street, coming to meet them.

"Good evening, Father Abraham," said the first student, thinking to tease the old man.

Before the old man could answer, the second student said, "Good evening, Father Isaac," catching his fellow student's drift.

Now the old man waited expectantly, looking to the third student who did not fail him. "Good evening, Father Jacob," he said.

The old man stroked his long gray beard and mumbled to them, and to himself, "Ummmmm! Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Gentlemen, I fear that there is some mistake. I am neither Abraham, Isaac, nor Jacob. Rather, I am Saul, son of Kish, out in search of my father's lost donkeys, and lo!! I have found them!!"

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