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It is always great joy to have fellowship with other believers that lift up the wonderful name of Jesus and spread his truth over the web. May the Lord continue to bless you in creativity as you serve Him. If you have any prayer requests please drop by a request when you visit.

Katherine Walden
Alberta, Canada
Webmaster: I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries

It's not often that you come across a web site that you could make your Home Page, but here's one that has a huge number features, especially for Christians: Search the web, look up a dictionary, find the word you want in a Thesaurus, get the latest world wide news from a Christian perspective, do your daily Bible reading, etc. Michael White has just rebuilt his site and here's what he says in his Mission Statement.

"Parson Place is about using computers and the Web to promote Christian views and a faith-related community. It offers FREE software downloads, inspirational articles, pastoral ministry materials, a subscription-only newsletter, affiliate partnerships, and much more."

As I said, go have a browse around, but get a cuppa first, because this is one of those sites that you could spend hours browsing through.

Rev. Bert Hibberd,
Melbourne, Australia
Editor of The Barnabas Report website and newsletter (Subscribe now!)

To me, Pastor Mike's web based Ministry is an extension of The Light of The World (John 8:12). It keeps me "connected to the True Vine" by providing me fast and easy access to His Word throughout the day. The stories and humor offer tangible reminders that God works in and through us to touch the lives of others. If Christian Ministry is to grow and flourish in spreading the "Good News" it is going to have to adapt the medium but keep the message constant. The Parson's Place does this by offering a message of God's Mercy, Grace, Hope and Love through a medium that is reaching people where they are. I may not always have my Bible with me but my PC or notebook computer seem to be constantly connected to my fingertips. Parson Place provides me personally with a spiritual nudge here, a hug there, at times my toes are black and blue. May the Good Lord continue to richly bless this Ministry for sharing and shining His Light and Love into some very dark corners of the world.

Ken Himes
Montgomery, AL


Just a word to let you know I appreciate all you are doing in witnessing for our Lord Jesus and His eternal truth through your web site. You have done a lot of work and only eternity will reveal the extent of the fruit produced through this effort on your part. Keep it up and may God's best be your daily portion always as Jesus tarries in His return to earth.

Still contending at www.crrange.com (Circuit Rider's Range)

Clayton D. Harriger
Belsano PA

Dear Chaplain Mike:

I just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for your Parson Place newsletter. As an evangelical Christian, I receive dozens, if not hundreds of spiritually based emails every week. The one I most find myself looking forward to is Parson Place. Each new edition has served to bless me and enrich my walk with the Lord. Parson Place has beome a favorite little burst of sunshine in my life...Thank You. And God Bless you.

In Christ Alone
Raymond Gibson
Modesto, California



Dear Mike:

Parson Place is one of the sites I continually use. When I am doing research for a talk, all I have to do is go to the sermon site and type in a topic like "Grace" or a scripture passage and instantly have several choices. The free download area is wonderful and I got several favorites saved from that such as "Jigzone". One of the best features, though is that I can leave a question for the author, and he will get an answer to me very quickly. Lastly, the tips about computers in general have educated me greatly. It is a very fine site and I have reccommended it to many friends including Chaplains and pastors.

Hugs from the Lord and Hugs from me,
Marilyn Janosko
(Army Wife Living in Germany at the time of this submission)