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Following is a list of various money-saving links to different pages on Broderbund Software's web site where you can buy specially priced software. You can download some titles immediately, or you can choose to have them shipped to any address of your choice. Some titles include Quicken Business Lawyer, Calendar Creator, Compton's Encyclopedia, Microsoft XP Games Collection, Special Operations Rangers Lead the Way, The Bible: A Multimedia Experience on CD, and much more.

I hope that, from now on, you will consider making some of your online purchases of software from Broderbund through Parson Place using any of the links below. Parson Place will receive a small commission from Broderbund for each purchase you make, that is, if you make your purchase immediately after clicking on one of the links to Broderbund from Parson Place. If you go directly to Broderbund's site without using one of the links on Parson Place, they will be unable to track your purchase as having come from Parson Place, and there will be no commission in that case.

Let me give you a personal example of how much you can save buying from Broderbund. I recently took advantage of one of their overstock sales to buy deeply discounted software, and then I used a special deal in which they offered an ADDITIONAL $15.00 discount, PLUS free shipping on orders totaling $49.00 or more. Let's see -- I paid $9.99 or less for each of six different software titles (normally priced $19.99 and above) which totaled $52.94. THEN I subtracted the $15.00 for having an order over $49.00, AND there was no charge for shipping. This brought my final bill to just $37.94 for software which, at regular prices, would have easily been over $120.00! These were nifty programs, too, like, The Bible: A Multimedia Experience on CD, 25,000 Web Clips on CD, and a two-piece combo pack, Spanish Vocabulary Builder and Spanish to Go, because I want to build my Spanish vocabulary and, hopefully, become more fluent in the language.

At any rate, I hope you can see from my personal example that buying software from Broderbund is a very beneficial experience. I personally recommend you give them a try and see for yourself!




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