A Better Day Is On the Way!

By Chaplain (Captain) Michael L. White
2-19 Infantry Battalion Chaplain

How are you doing with the New Yearís resolutions you made for this year? Have you given up your resolve already? I stopped making New Yearís resolutions many years ago because I just couldnít seem to stick with them. Whatever bad habits Iíve accrued in the last year, or over my lifetime, will likely stay with me the rest of my life. Iíve got to die of something, I suppose, so I may as well go happily.

Now thereís a thought to consider for this New Year: death. Have you thought about dying lately? Itís not a subject many people want to discuss too often, even people who believe in an afterlife. They're like the old fellow sitting in church one Sunday while the pastor got all excited about his sermon topic: "When We All Get to Heaven." He asked the good folks if they were all ready to go to Heaven. Everyone raised a hand except one older gentleman in the middle of the congregation. The pastor couldnít help noticing the man didnít have his hand raised. He thought perhaps the man didnít understand his question, so he asked it again, this time more directly. "Brother, donít you want to go to Heaven with all of us?" The man replied, "Why, sure, Pastor, but I thought you was gittiní up a group to go right now!"

Most of us are that way. We want to go to Heaven, just not right now. Yet, from all that the Bible has to say about Heaven, it is far more desirable than this world in which we live.

I find as I get older that I look more and more toward that great PCS at the end of my tour on earth. In fact, I look forward to it some days more than others, particularly after a five mile eagle run! Thatís when I really feel my age! If the saying is true: "youíre only as old as you feel", I must have one foot in the grave! Nevertheless, I keep waiting and watching for that final change of station which will take me Home at last.

What about you? Whether youíre tired or re-tired, thereís a better day coming!

As we continue this New Year, letís try to keep everything in perspective with the Blessed Hope of an everlasting life where there will be no more sorrow or suffering, death or disappointment, or need for New Yearís resolutions, and certainly, no more broken resolutions.