Parson Place Paid Advertisers' Information Page

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If you are interested in placing an ad on the Parson Place web site, you have two options. First, you can buy an ad placement for it. Second, you can agree to an ad swap at no cost to either of us either on your web site, or in your ezine, or in a solo ad mailing to your entire subscriber base, provided your site/product/topic/theme is compatible with Parson Place's target audience. Our target audience is conservative Christian. I reserve the right to reject any ads which I deem inappropriate for our audience. I will review your ad personally, and if it meets with my approval, I will send you an email stating so. Once you have my approval, you must come back to this page to make your payment using the PayPal service listed below. Do not submit your payment until you have received my approval! If I have to refund your payment due to ad content rejection, I will deduct the 3% transaction fee which Pay Pal charged me. When PayPal has notified me of your payment, I will notify you by email with a confirmation and let you know when you can expect to see your ad publicized.

If you wish to pay to have your ad banner, button, or text-only ad placed on a rotation and displayed on every Parson Place page, the cost is $10.00 (US) per month. Your ad will be posted either in the right-hand column or at the top or bottom of every page on the Parson Place site for 30 days. If you wish to renew it, you may do so on a monthly basis for an additional 30 days per renewal. Renewals are currently made on a monthly basis only. If renewal payment is not received by the 30th day, the ad will be removed from the Parson Place site.

To make your payment, simply click on the "PayPal Click Here to Pay" button below. You are NOT required to have a PayPal acccount in order to make a transaction with PayPal. However, if you do not already have a Pay Pal account, you can create one when you get to the Pay Pal web site. Don't worry; it's FREE! Once you've created your Pay Pal account (or not), be sure to enter the proper amount for your transaction, as stated above, in the "Amount" box and the appropriate reason for payment in the "Payment for" box (for instance, "Payment for: Newsletter ad", or "Payment for: Web site ad" or "Payment for: newsletter and web site ads").

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions or difficulties, email me at

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